Why Us

We are a property investment company operating in Portugal, specialized in curated properties for highly demanding clients and investors.

Our influential network gives us access to several international contacts. Along with our exclusive properties, we have established partnerships with real estate agencies and developers to complement our property portfolio, facilitating the search for our clients’ needs with proficiency and assertiveness.

We pride ourselves in aligning owners and investors with utmost discretion to meet their specific needs. Our service offer combines your dream property with a strong network of several services, namely Legal, Tax Financial, Relocation, Gold Visas, Non-habitual Residents, Residence Status and Remote Investments.

Our founder Sancha.Co has a deep affection for heritage, an enthusiasm that comes from the paternal side of her family, her father having been a collector and antiquarian who discovered the first printed book in Portugal. With admiration for heritage, but mostly a sense of quality and excellence, this is key to CURATED Investments.

A handpicked portfolio of properties and services with exceptional service teamed up with a unique signature experience, where aesthetics, quality, but above all your time is highly regarded.

Contact us at contact@curated.pt