Golden Visa

Foreign investment continues to be very welcome in Portugal, so the Portuguese Golden Visa focuses on property investment.

As one of the most desired residency programmes in Europe, it has attracted a lot of international investment due to its relative ease and freedom of movement in the Schengen Area, which corresponds to twenty-six European countries.

Following the immense success of the programme, the Portuguese Golden Visa programme, for applications made after 2022, is boosting investment outside Lisbon and Porto and across the waterfront, for investment in residential property.

The benefits are motivating as it includes a residence permit to reside, work and study in Portugal for a five-year period, with the option to apply for permanent residence. It also includes permission for relatives, access to Social Security, public education, health services and free movement to live and work in Schengen countries.

As requirements, the visa holder is obliged to spend seven days in Portugal in the first year, a two-week period in the second.

As options for investment requirements, various choices include investing a minimum of €500,000 in a property, €350,000 in property to be rehabilitated, €1,000,000 in capital transfers and €350,000 in a Portuguese Private Equity Fund. A 20% reduction in investment values will apply if the property is in a sparsely populated area.

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